Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My First Entry

It is almost Thanksgiving! It was one of my most favorite holidays growing up, but now I am vegetarian, bordering on veganism...but not really, as I still wear leather shoes, I am pretty sure I have a fur lined something, I eat eggs and there may or may not be a coyote's skin sitting above my parent's television in the living room....I would have to check and see if it is still there...Anyways, well now that turkey is out, and I am not even sure I could stomach it any more even if it was in, my mom and I are switching to gluten for our turkey desires! They are cooking in their cozy little gluten socks as we speak! Well, we started them kind of late, and apparently they have to sit in their brothy baths for about 3 hours, so, it won't be till past midnight until I get to bed, but it shall be well worth it, because the stuff tastes good! We are going to try and make some teriyaki flavored, peanut sauce flavored, and for more of a turkey style, I am going to try and make some flavored of garlic and herbs...we shall see how it goes.
Anyways, so for gluten, it is a pretty nifty and simple process, you must get a flour that has a lot of protein in it, the more the better, because the more protein means the more meatish stuff you get. All you add is water until you get bread dough consistency and then you plop it in to a bowl and pour water on top of it and leave it forever.
Then you have to knead it and rinse it until the milky water goes away but you have to be careful not to make your doughmeat disintegrate! Eventually you shall get something along the lines of this:

Then you stretch it like so and make it in to a roll:

And then it shall look something like this:

Then it must be put into its sock so that it can bathe in its brothy bath for a hojillion hours:
My gluten's sock has fancy, houndstooth ties

Here is my gluten in its broth, steaming and being all nice and warm:

All I am doing now is just waiting and being hungry, apparently making food makes me hungry.