Monday, January 2, 2012

The End of 2011

I was just updating my ipod touch after months of unuse, well, except for letting it serenade me at night (to drown out the sound of rats frolicking in my "attic") with the sound of ocean waves, birdies, and a crackling me, they all go together...And so anyways,  I decided that I would start using it again for stuff, I shall take it with me to Tahoe tomorrow. So it needed some updating according to iTunes. Anyways, to make this nonsensical story short, I discovered iPhoto on here again, I hate iPhoto, but apparently there are a ton of pictures on it, and a bunch from my ipod touch from this past year, so I thought it would be fun to load pictures from 2011 on to this blog type of site.
I just want to point out to people that say blogs are just a place where people complain...Blogs can be used to make informative pages of one's life or whatever. And that they aren't used just for complaining. Jenica's blog is cool and informative, and I like to think that mine, with it's one and a half posts is pretty cool. I say one and a half, because this post hasn't actually been posted at the time that I wrote one and a half, since I am in the process of writing it. Plus! There was this blog I used to read that had crazy animal facts on it. There would be a weekly blog about some crazy animal or insect or whatever, and it would talk about the crazy stuff that creature would do. It was fascinating.
Anyways I am going to pull some random photos and see how it goes:
Well, as luck would have it, the pictures on my ipod touch aren't all on iphoto. They are only partially on iphoto, and the pictures that I thought were cool of course aren't on there. SO this just makes me angry with iphoto, because after extensively trying to get the photos on to iphoto, I discovered that all my photos were all up in that iCloud somewhere so I tracked down this iCloud and saw there was no photostream thing, and then upon looking at the help, it said I needed to tell iphoto to do photostream or iCloud something or something, so I reopen iphoto and see that I needed an iphoto update, but the update required me to have the app store app on my mac, so I look at getting the app store app but I need OSX Lion to have that app and almost clicked on the purchase button but then I lost interest in this whole uploading of pictures thing on to this blogthing.
Wow! rereading that, it sounded like some epic tale or adventure! Tracking down iClouds! Except at least at the end of Lord of the Rings, they completed their epic adventure didn't end with me completing my task.

So instead, I will put some other picture that was from this year:
Well, I haven't uploaded any pictures on to my mac lately, they are all on my PeeCee from this year, so I really don't have any oh wait, here is one!

That was at Montgomery Woods, in like, March or April or something. I took that picture and then got lost. Long story, well not really, but that is alright. 

I thought about purchasing the new OS for this computer, but then I thought about how old this computer is, being about 6, and was wondering if it was even worth it. I know, it is only a $30 update, and it would be nice to utilize this fancy iCloud thing. Someday perhaps I will get a newer macbook.

Anyways, 2011 has been a pretty good year, I cannot complain, it could have gone a lot more downhill, but I am glad it did not, that makes me very happy. 

I shall be bringing in this new year with a puppy! An older puppy, possibly a big puppy...a big schnauzer puppy. I like the fact that they do not shed, they are smart, fearless, cute, and good with kids. Plus all energetic. I would like to do cart pulling with this dog. She shall be my therapy dog; going to nursing homes and hospitals and the like. 

A four monthish picture of puppy.

I am still unsure of names. I am thinking either Aurora or "Rory" for short, I used to have a cartoon lion I drew when I was a kid named Roary. Or the other name is Brontie....when I was a small, incredibly trusting tiny little tot, my brother would do things to antagonize me, and when he would go too far and make me too mad, or start to cry, to keep himself from getting in trouble, he would bring "Brontie" to the rescue. Brontie was his hand, in a sock puppet position. And me, liking dinosaurs, would forget all about the mean things Jared just did to me and would be entertained with Brontie. 
So I thought both of those would be fitting yet fun names.

"Rory" or "Brontie"??
This is not my dog, but this is her mother. 
So I would assume she will look something like this.

One nice thing about starting with an 8 month old puppy, we will be able to get in to therapy dog classes sooner, and be certified's hoping she makes the cut for therapy work! She was a great dog, very friendly, calm, and curious. She let me play with her ears (which she should be used to after all that wrapping and taping of the ears!), she let me mess with her mouth, touch her toes and play with her tail, and I had just barely met her. I held her leash while the kennel hand was taking care of another dog, and even though she wanted to go with the kennel hand lady, she did not even pull on the leash and just waited patiently for her to come back. I think I may have some good material to work with.
Oh! And I mentioned the carting thing...check this out...


What more awesome way to work off excess Schnauzer energy than that?!? Yeah, I am definitely going to be looking in to doing this. It doesn't hurt the dogs at all, on the contrary it keeps them fit and healthy. It is balanced in such a way that they don't have to work much at all to pull a full grown person. Plus, I would finally be able to have my draft animal! My parents would never let me get a cow or pony or the dog will have to do!

Anyways, that is about all I have left to say for now, maybe sometime when I get back from Tahoe I will post pictures from 2011, or at least from Tahoe. But to be realistic, I will more than likely never get around to it. 

Happy New Year!  yay

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